30 Nov 2008

"We had people who died being shot through bulletproof vests"

Ratan Tata, one of India's most successful businessmen and chairman of the Tata group, which owns the Taj Palace hotel in Mumbai, said in his interview to CNN:
"We were getting the cooperation that they could give us, but the infrastructure was woefully poor". 
As an example, Tata said it took three hours for firefighters to get water to the Taj after a blaze broke out in the oldest part of the building. 
Tata said that not even the army or commandoes who ultimately took over the offensive were prepared for the level of organization and execution that the attackers seemed to have put into their plan. 
"We had people who died being shot through bulletproof vests," he added.

Disgusting, but completely unsurprising. 

In addition to this general lack of safety and response measures, as the Jerusalem Post reports,
"In hostage situations, the first thing the forces are supposed to do is assemble at the scene and begin collecting intelligence," said a former official in the Shin Bet's security unit. "In this case, it appears that the forces showed up at the scene and immediately began exchanging fire with the terrorists instead of first taking control of the area."
This was clearly not the case. The area was never brought under control, not just leaving those in the vicinity in danger, but allowing drunk, bigoted men to openly molest Sara Sidner, a CNN reporter. (If video link below is not working, click here)

It is disgusting that even in the face of what was probably the worst terrorist attack in recent times, that it is considered acceptable for men to harass women on a daily basis and as can be seen in this video, that onlookers are clearly not bothered.

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